Agnes & Tomasz

Agnes and Tomasz

Agnes Hjelm & Tomasz Przytycki

Early in her swing dancing career, Agnes encountered balboa. Combining her previous experience of spins from Swedish Bugg, close-embrace following from Swedish Foxx (a more “bluesy” form of foxtrot), and swing rhythm from lindy hop, she quickly took to balboa and fell in love with it. Since then she’s attended numerous balboa events, mostly around Scandinavia. Agnes loves the subtle leading and following of balboa and the flow in bal-swing, and she still loves spinning…

Tomasz started dancing Balboa in 2009, he was immediately thrilled by it’s ability to invoke speed, energy and subtlety of rhythm in intimacy with a partner. Though many consider Balboa a “small dance,” Tomasz believes it can still be filled with raucous joy, and he has traveled to many events in the USA and Europe to compete and dance.

Though, Tomasz and Agnes have over two decades of dance experience between them, they only recently decided to join forces. In their classes, Agnes’s eye for technical detail and Tomasz’s emphasis on rhythm and the joy of movement complement each other well and will get you using your whole body to dance while also providing a clear understanding of the concepts.