Gosia & Matteo

Gosia and Matteo

Gosia Aniołkowska & Matteo De Stefano

Matteo – De Italian burst of energy and creativity,
Gosia – Lady of Shags fulfilled of her love to new dance adventures

Both ready to take over the dance floors and share their knowledge and ideas with anyone who is brave enough to challenge themselves.

Shag’n’Road – The Shag experience together, began during one exciting dance project – to spread Collegiate Shag all over Italy ( which then expanded abroad to : Switzerland, Croatia and Slovenia ) and the only and right way was to travel from place to place on a Harley with the finger pointed up to the sky.

After 6500 km, 11 cities and around 400 new born Shagsters in one and a half months, Matteo and Gosia managed to build strong dance connection and shape their original style filled with wild improvisation and fun moves.

Kraków! Are you ready for this double trouble?